Understand Abu Dhabi Labour Law Better Via Eminent Institute Courses

All the issues related to labour law in the UAE are specifically governed by Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 Regulating Labour Relations. In addition, some other areas of Dubai such as the Dubai International Financial Centre as well as some of the free zones in the UAE, such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone are having their own meticulous labour law UAE and regulations.

For every employer there are important aspects of employment clearly drafted in the Emirates Labour Law as a popular document of legislation including amongst others, issues related to salaries, holidays, working hours, employment contracts, termination of employment contracts, end of service benefits and disciplinary matters.

UAE Labour Law 2016 is highly appreciated since the Ministry of Labour (the Ministry) gifted employees of country with renewed interest in UAE’s employment market. Collectively known as The New Law enforced by The Ministry they encompass three new decrees that are set to provide the employees with a more secure work environment in a battle to safeguard their interests. It is noteworthy that the New Law paves way for transparency and clarity as well as provides for mobility and flexibility of labour and introduces new unified labour contracts. As some of the values and vectors that the Ministry of Labour intended to encourage and boost through the new law these new decrees are highly beneficial.

According to the new approved standard employment contracts the amendments brought into effect by Ministerial Decree (764) of 2015 on Ministry of Labour it has approved a standard employment contract wherein employers can no longer continue to give preposterous offers to employees as a signed employment offer. All the employment contracts according to Abu Dhabi Labour Law need to fall in line with the standard employment contract that has been issued by the Ministry. Moreover it is essential that these standard employment contracts are signed by the employee before it is presented to the Ministry for its registration.

If the employer wants to add new clauses to the employment contract then it must be in compliance with the law and does not contradict any of the other provisions set out within the contract.

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